Evening everyone, I did absolutely nothing productive today which is incredibly rare. It’s daylight savings time (which I totally didn’t know was coming of course) and I had a friend stay over last night and we just laid around talking till like 4 AM and I woke up late and since enough time had passed I essentially just shrugged and figured It’ll be fine if I just take the day off because of all the factors that were working against me. I primarily spent the day playing with my dog and playing more of The Witcher 3. Arguably Witcher 3 is sort of productive for me, because in all honesty I find it a very good example of the sort of lonely and depressing fantasy world I aim to create in And Once Again, but I’m not about to write it off as ‘studying’ either… I will make a new Top Webcomics poster tomorrow, I didn’t have time to prepare one ahead of schedule. It’ll be fine.

I really don’t have a lot of commentary for these stylized pages, because they are very much improvised. I knew the basic idea of what I wanted to draw here, and then just kept embellishing and embellishing to make it more stylish and Asian-looking. I do love how this one came out though, it’s very cool looking to me and serves as a cool way to show off the new character. I’m gonna go to bed in a bit after reading some manga and laying with my dog so I can get a more proper start on tomorrow.