Normally I upload the title cards along with the page accompanying, but I thought I’d be nice and give you all this one a bit early since I finished it today. Act one was fairly short at only 5 pages long, but this is a shorter tale as a whole at only 23 pages.

I got a decent amount of stuff done today but I’m still feeling sort of lazy. It’ll surely pass. I should mention that I found out my fitness ball that I use for a chair I complained about a few blogs ago was only half inflated… so that’s why it was hurting my back so much. I thought it was at its full size and was just a mini ball. That was dumb of me. So yeah, no more back problems and sitting and drawing at my desk is ok again.

Besides getting the layouts done for something upcoming, I did some sketch studies today but I mostly just read a manga called Inari no Konkon Koi Iroha. I really want to recommend it, but it was a mix of really good and eh. I have complex feelings towards this series.