Hey guys, thought I’d upload this a few hours earlier than usual as an apology that I took an extra day of guest art to give me some more time. Production is going smoothly at least thanks to that and I’ve gotten a lot of training done this week. It’s finally officially starting though, the 3rd Tale now commences and I hope everyone is excited for it. This chapter features a lot of art evolution and demonstrates my ever evolving skills more so than the first two chapters does by far.

I need to reach more people. Not much else is on my mind right now… Sorry about that, guys. I’m just trying to grow my audience more and more. Been thinking about it all day on and off and trying to come up with some stuff currently with not too much avail other than ‘do what you’re already doing but harder’. Ah well.

If you are interested in seeing what kind of training I’m working on, here is a youtube video of me speed drawing some stuff!