Here’s a new page for everyone, as per the norm. I figured I’d upload it a few hours early just cause I felt like it today. Just got done having dinner with my aunt and taking care of the dogs for the night. I got an ok amount of stuff done today but I might do some more later. I’m working on the prologue to the 4th Tale while hashing out the art style for my upcoming secondary comic. I’m working on drawing chibis fast, giving myself 5 minutes to sketch and 4 minutes to color them. I’ll have some examples to share soon. I’m also waiting for the Quest to Impress logo to get finished, I hired someone on Fiverr to design it via my instructions, but then they cancelled it when there was only a half hour left. Their reply?

“really sorry”

Not a full sentence or anything like that. That was the only thing they said to me too. I wasn’t very happy about that so I gave them a bad rating, got my money back and am waiting for the second person I hired after that to make my logo. Ah well…

Besides that, I’m getting pages done for the 4th Tale prologue. It’s going ok. I’m regretting my choice to make this look really, really pretty because in this prologue it features a lot of really hard to draw backgrounds. So these pages are taking longer than usual. I’m almost done with the hard to draw parts though and the rest should be more or less set.

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