Time to start up another week of And Once Again, finally. This weekend felt long and stagnant to me in terms of content. I’m somewhat annoyed lately and I don’t feel I’m reaching enough people as I should be, despite putting out lots of new content out on my social media accounts. I’ve got to keep improving my audience so that this becomes my living, but the last few days have been slightly stressful. I’m almost done working on the prologue for the 4th Tale, so there’s that at least. Only two more pages to finish drawing and that’ll be that. It was a rough time but I think everyone will really like the way these 8 pages expand the world of And Once Again.

I’ve been working on my speed at drawing the last two days using Dragon Quest as a subject matter. A look at my twitter or tumblr will show you a huge amount of speed drawings I’ve been doing in 5 minute bursts to improve the speed I work at and to create a much greater sketching skill for myself in general. This training is actually going pretty well I think. Toriyama has so many cute girls for me to draw, and this makes me happy. Why Dragon Quest though? It’s also training for Quest to Impress, my upcoming side comic.