Hey guys, here is Wednesday’s page just as promised. As always. Hope everyone is enjoying the 3rd Tale thus far, as we’re getting to the more exciting parts soon. I’m doing ok this week I suppose. Just getting stuff done mostly, I’ve been putting a lot more work into the site here if you have noticed. I’m trying to get a lot more traffic any way I can so I’m uploading the blogs on here with some old fanart I’ve made and plan to keep the blogs updated more frequently after I’m caught up. By adding more and more content to the site and typing up blogs about them I should hopefully make And Once Again appear in more search engine searches. Got to keep improving traffic, right? Maybe I should start writing up more thoughts on things. Not reviews. I find I get really uninterested by taking reviews seriously, so maybe I’ll just write up some very casual thoughts on manga I read, anime I watch or games I’m playing just for the sake of content. We’ll see. You should let me know in the comments if you’re personally interested in reading more stuff like this from me, too.

If you also haven’t noticed, I also changed the amount of advertisements on And Once Again. Specifically, the Google Adsense ads were only appearing on the front page instead of every page of the webcomic unlike they were supposed to. I fixed this and it should help me a lot (even more so if you click on them for me whenever you’re on the site, eh?). Just today I went from earning a couple of pennies to around .77 cents estimated and counting. As long as traffic continues to grow strongly then I should just keep going from here. It would be lovely if I didn’t NEED to have so many ads here on And Once Again but the fact of the matter is I can’t do this for free. I need to make money so unless everyone starts donating to me on Patreon then I have to work my ass off and start drumming up small bits of ad revenue.

My side project, Quest to Impress, is coming along decently. I will probably be starting it officially this weekend or next week.