Hey there guys, time for the week’s last page of And Once Again. I hope everyone enjoyed the new webcomic pages as always, I feel this was a good week. Only 9 more pages to go before the 3rd Tale is over. What comes after that? More comics, obviously, but I have to get more planning done. I obviously know what happens next and everything but I need to efficiently organize things better. What I’m currently thinking is after the 3rd Tale, there will be a week with no updates just to get me some bearings. If I get new fanart before then I can use those as guest posts for that week to give you guys some extra content, but currently I don’t have any new pieces of And Once Again fanart I can post. So if anyone wants to draw me some this would be the time so I can feature you on my website in just a couple of weeks. After that I will post the currently completed prologue to the 4th Tale, which is 8 comic pages long. We will see where I am when we get to that point but I will probably take another week of no updates after that to give me some more time to draw more pages. Due to the nature of the 4th Tale being more complex to draw, I may even have to take a second week. It all depends on where I am by then. I might be overestimating the difficulty of drawing the 4th Tale but it’s really hard to tell. I am probably going to start some layouts tomorrow. Just casual ones. I really don’t feel like going full blown working on And Once Again quite yet, I finished the last page of the prologue yesterday and as I’ve said before drawing the prologue was by far the most difficult stuff I’ve done with my webcomics yet. But it’ll definitely pay off when all of you readers get to see it. That’s one thing that annoys me about webcomics actually, I’m always so far ahead and I have to post to you what looks like inferior art to me because in my eyes it’s something I drew like a month ago and doesn’t reflect where my drawing skills are at… But hey, I can’t really escape that.

Some big news though, I’ve started my side comic officially as of today! That’s right, by clicking that link you can go and read the foreward and first page of Quest to Impress. Now that its started I can say a bit about it. It’s a romantic comedy that takes inspiration from classic JRPGs. The world is very much generic fantasy, but it doesn’t take itself very seriously. I don’t really want to spoil that much of stuff honestly so that’s all I’m saying about it for now. In terms of updates I’ll be aiming to update Quest to Impress with about 4 comics a week, maybe more, sometimes less. It’s in a much easier style to draw than And Once Again obviously so don’t you worry about me working too much harder to make this a reality. It’s not going to be a big deal. I’m not hosting Quest to Impress here though, I’m experimenting with Tapastic. I don’t ever intend to fully publish And Once Again over there though. I just want to have a presence there since it hasĀ  a gigantic userbase and I thought to myself that by making a webcomic that was accessible and more along the lines of what Tapastic wants from its creators then maybe I would get some nice exposure down the road. We’ll see, but for now PLEASE go and support me on Tapastic as well! Make an account there if you don’t have one, like every page of Quest to Impress and leave me lots of comments. It will help me lots.