Time for a new week of And Once Again my friends, finally the weekend is over. I have been somewhat busy working on various webcomic stuff this weekend but today I kind of short-circuited and didn’t feel like doing a whole lot. I think I’ve been thinking too much about art and stuff lately that I just needed a break. I’ve been making a lot of concept art that I can’t show you guys yet (it’s available on my Patreon for $5+ backers though hint hint). I have a whole lot of Yokai to design for the 4th Tale but I’m just thinking way too hard about things really. It’s pretty much my fault for making things too complicated when I really just need to focus on what I can accomplish right now. The good news is And Once Again’s traffic has been doing pretty well lately and if things continue to grow at this pace the site will just keep growing larger. Hopefully I’ll start to get more signs of a fanbase soon like more fanart and stuff. I’m working on drawing more studies. I’ll be putting up a new gallery based on sketches from the Bravely Default artbook whenever I feel I’m done with those studies. I’ve got about 10 of them fully drawn so far and it’s a very difficult style to draw in. The Bravely Default artist has very strange proportions on his characters and it’s been hard to emulate this in my style. The sketches I’ve done are pretty all over the place and I’m not sure if I like them, but I needed to draw something strange like this after drawing so much from Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Quest art.

This week I’m going to get started on layouts for the first part of the 4th Tale. It’s going to feel weird, because of the circumstances of the 4th Tale’s prologue it’s been weeks since I’ve drawn Borei and Gekido. God I wish my editor was back from his month-long internet-less work trip, I haven’t been able to reign myself in as effectively as I can with his constant critiques. Not that I’m getting any less done, mind you, I’m just talking about in terms of morale I feel a whole lot better when he’s there to take advice from.

As a reminder, you guys should definitely check out my side project webcomic Quest to Impress over on Tapastic.