And Once Again 3rd Tale, Page 16

Hey guys, make sure you don’t miss the title card I uploaded before this page! Just letting you know before I get into the blog entry of this update.

First off I wanted to thank the random guy who donated $10 to me yesterday through Paypal.  If you’re reading this and didn’t see it yet, go check your email. I sent you a thank you sketch to the email address on your Paypal account because that made me incredibly happy and I wanted to give something back in whatever small way I could. As someone trying to make webcomics my career, every small bit of money like that helps a lot and goes straight into advertising And Once Again so that more people can read my comics… I appreciate any help whatsoever more than you can imagine. My fans mean the world to me.

Mmk, time to get into production news. I’m trying to start doing the layouts for the first part of the 4th Tale but I’m running into a problem. Part of me is really set back when I draw architecture so I’m doing a bunch of studies from photos to try to improve. I will have to be careful about the scenes I draw and make sure I don’t need to draw more backgrounds than I need to. At the bottom of this blog I’ll share these studies with you guys so you can see what I’m working on. It’s really difficult and I’m going to need to work on this for a while before I can start drawing the 4th Tale… I was supposed to start drawing these studies a while ago but after how exhausting painting the 4th Tale’s prologue was I just couldn’t bring myself to start working on them yet.

Some good news is my editor’s trip got cut short- well, good news for me I mean because my morale increased a bit from having him back. Doesn’t change the big list of stuff I need to get done though. Trying to improve my art has been upsetting lately because its all about architecture and perspective and it’s all so complex that my brain hurts.  I am current 8 weeks ahead of updates but if that starts to dwindle because of the time it takes me to learn what is necessary to make And Once Again the best it can be than I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait.

At the end of the day I can only do so much since I’m not getting paid much to do this. It’s not like I can afford better work conditions to study all day and night and any money I do get goes straight back into advertising my webcomic so that I can make more money. We’ll see what the schedule will need to be like when we get there.

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