And that wraps up another week of And Once Again my friends. Hope you all enjoyed the webcomics as always. This was a decent week for me I suppose, didn’t get a great bunch of drawing done or anything but I didn’t get nothing accomplished. I think I’m just not focused enough and I can fix this with some effort. Things just feel slightly off right now. I officially started the layouts for the 4th Tale though today. Finished drawing the first one at any rate. Because of how much craziness is going to be going on in each page I’m expecting the layouts to take potentially longer than they usually do, but we’ll see. Between you and me I’m very much eagerly awaiting the 5th Tale… It will be much easier to draw in comparison and I’ll finally get to introduce an character I’ve been waiting to show off since forever. So many plans for this comic, so very many… Hopefully we keep getting new readers so that the ride continues gaining momentum. Tell your friends. I think I’ve improved a lot as an artist since drawing the 3rd Tale, so however the 4th Tale ends up I think you’ll all be in for some much better visuals when we get there.