Before I start the blog for today I need to tell you all I made some very big changes to my Patreon account, and I want all my fans to take a look at this blog entry that explains it.

Take a look here.

Anyways, this has been an ok week for me with production. I’m depressed slightly because I’m out of ad money to use this month and all that but whatever, layouts are coming kind of slow. I don’t have full motivation this week for whatever reason. I only got one done today because I spent most of the day making my Patreon account look more professional, didn’t have time to finish any more than that. There will be a new page of Quest to Impress tomorrow by the way, I already have a half finished comic page of it laying around but I didn’t feel like finishing it up today. I woke up past my alarm today so I was just sort of tired and didn’t get a whole lot done after sleeping bad. Ugh, something just feels so off right now.