Hello there guys, new page for you all and we’re wrapping up another week of And Once Again. It was a very important week, too. Sometime tomorrow we are finally going to have official confirmation of whether And Once Again and myself will be joining Hiveworks. This is very huge if I make it in. It’s effecting me a lot, so I took most of today off to not really draw. I have been doing lots and lots of work this week and the last because of the huge amount of stuff I need to learn in the near future. It’s not overwhelming or anything, just between this and the application I decided it’d be good for me if I had a relaxed day or two.

You know why? Monster Hunter Generations is coming out tomorrow. I don’t talk about it very much, but Monster Hunter is one of the few things in the world that makes me as happy as it does. Everything about it makes my adrenaline go crazy and I feel alive when working with a team of friends to topple dinosaurs and dragons beneath the power of my lance. Today I downloaded the demo and spent the bulk of today teaching my little sister who’s now 15 how to play. She’s not exactly very good with anything that isn’t a turn-based RPG but I was surprised at how she’s actually learning the game and not sucking. It took us a while to find her the right weapon out of the 14, but she’s settled on the Long Sword. We’ve had to work on her learning the Arts and how to use the Spirit Gauge, but she fully gets how to use the weapon now. Now it’s just working on her sense of battle and learning to make the right decisions on her own without me having to tell her. She’ll get that as she works through single player though. I’m really happy she’s enjoying it as much as I am though.

If I don’t make it into Hiveworks, I get Monster Hunter Generations as a consolation prize and zone off for a day or so while I plot my next move. If I DO get into Hiveworks it becomes a congratulations prize that I earned through my blood, sweat and tears. Either way, I will know for sure 100% tomorrow… For better or worse.

Also here is a new video where you can watch me drawing lots of cute girls.