Hey there everyone, last And Once Again update of the week sadly. There’s only 3 more pages of the 3rd Tale left to upload before we’re finally done with it! I hope you’re all looking toward to the emotional conclusion of yet another webcomic chapter by yours truly. Even better than that, after a week of guest art pages by the Editor we’ll be starting the upload for the 4th Tale’s prologue! It features some really unique art I put a load of work into (which you’d know if you were reading these blogs), and I’m certain it’ll be very popular. Hopefully it’ll win me a lot more readers too.

Today I worked on the layouts for the 4th Tale all day, I’m almost done with the first part. Just two more pages, I’m going to aim to finish drawing them tonight after I upload this page. After that I can finally start drawing it and working on the full script to the 4th Tale. It’s a rough job but something really clicked in me today and I had a huge amount of fun drawing layouts. I’m more than looking forward to drawing the actual pages, though… That’s the (actually) fun part. I think everyone will really enjoy the Yokai Village and enjoy the sense of humor.