Hey there guys second to last page of the 3rd Tale is up! One more page till the conclusion, I think it ends on a nice, peaceful note and I like the upcoming illustration. I still got to draw a nice to be continued drawing for you guys, but that won’t take too long. I’ll probably draw it on Thursday. I got the three guest illustrations from my editor today, you’ll all get to enjoy those instead of updates next week while I continue to work on my buffer of pages. I’ve officially started drawing the 4th Tale as of yesterday, since I’m done with the layouts. I think it’s going to look really awesome and strong, easily my best webcomics yet. I hope you’re all looking forward to the weird and wonderful Yokai Village, even if you guys don’t get to see it until over a month from now (unless you’re a $20 Patron, where you get to see the pages as I complete them).

I have some good news, but it’s going to be pretty far off. I may have made a really good partnership but I need to wait around a week to hear the concrete details from her. I can’t say anything for certain yet but if it goes as she’s telling me it might, I might end up in as good a position as if I had ended up with Hiveworks. That’s all I can really say on it for now… but I’m excited, since my financial and living situation is pretty scary right now and even if this won’t happen for another 3-6 months it’s still a huge opportunity for me.