And that’s a wrap on the 3rd Tale of And Once Again, everybody. If you’ve been following along with it this whole time I hoped you all enjoyed it! I’m in a bit of a sour mood tonight for whatever reason so I wanted to just upload a bit earlier and get it out of the way for tonight. Thanks to a few things I seem to be getting about $40 less from Patreon this month, which I knew half of but the other one is more up in the air. Regardless I’m not very thrilled about that since I won’t have as much to use on marketing for a while and I don’t feel the site is growing fast enough the way it is anyway. So yeah if you’re enjoying And Once Again now, three chapters in, now would be a lovely time to become my Patron on Patreon. Especially since I’m being very active over there and giving out lots of rewards to all of my Patrons as frequently as I can. But hey if you don’t have the money just remember to support me through sharing my comic with as many of your friends as you can. If I want to succeed I got to build an audience, and I can’t do that without you guys!

Anyway I’m drawing the Village Arc, it’s going to be interesting to say the least. Lots of challenging painting in this chapter but it should hopefully all be worth it when I get to post these webcomics. They’re just currently taking longer than I’d like, but part of that is my fault for not training myself to be more optimal with my painting.

I’ll draw a to be continued image and post it tomorrow, didn’t get around to it today. For those who forgot though next week is going to be three pieces of guest art from the editor.