First off guys my apologies, there’s supposed to be a scroll entry for this fine fellow you see here but I haven’t drawn it yet. I will tomorrow afternoon though just wait for it!

How am I doing? Fine. That drama I mentioned going on in my home is over and soon it will be over for good. Another piece of good news is that my family is going off on some stupid trip soon and I’ll be all alone in my place for around two weeks taking care of the dogs. This will be good and I’ll get a ton of things done in this time period.

Besides that though, I’m grumpy. I don’t have any advertising money so my traffic has been absurdly bad lately. My aunt is planning to give me some in a few more days, and I have to wait for Patreon too next week. But shit this was a bad month for this crap. I’ve been doing other things to get new readers and such, but still. It’s left me very upset knowing not as many people are reading as there could be. Any financial donations would be welcome, you know. Commissions, Patreon, Paypal donation, ect…

I’m currently looking for a lot of small freelance work to make a bit more with this but it’s a total slog waiting to find the right ones and also waiting to hear back from people I contact.