Hey guys, wrapping up another week of And Once Again for you all. I finally have advertising money again thanks to a friend of mine, so my traffic and mood is doing much better. It just feels bad to me when I don’t have some ads going, it feels stagnant knowing my work isn’t out there in circulation doing something and making waves no matter how small… But it’s all good now. This will be a good weekend for me, my girlfriend’s birthday is this Sunday and I get to see her for the first time in a while. Naturally I’ll be taking that day off. Plus my mom and co is off to Florida so I get to be all alone with the doggies for about 9 days. I’ll get a lot done in this period.

As far as work goes, I finished up the layouts for the 4th Tale’s prologue today and spent a lot of time writing a large overview for a side project I might work on. Waiting to hear from the editor first. I spent about two straight hours writing 5 pages of this, so I’m looking forward to hopefully an intriguing response.

It sort of has to do with Tapastic and their format. I’m curious about exploring this, but at the same time I really don’t like how vehement they are on the ‘vertical scrolling is the future of comics’ boat. Like I get it, it’s a neat format and I myself am planning on playing with it sometime but the more I looked into it the more adamant they are about it. They won’t feature a series on their site’s highlights unless it’s ‘mobile friendly’, meaning vertical panels. A comic like And Once Again could never get the spotlight there because it’s page by page layout. It’s not ‘mobile friendly’, thus I’ll never get a lot of traffic or spotlight for posting there. I think that’s pretty dumb in all honesty but… hmm. I also don’t really like how Tapastic treats comics in a way.

I get really annoyed when they refer to comics as ‘snacks’ as part of their lingo… Comics are an art form. Snacks are something that are used and discarded. I eat a snack and don’t think about it 10 minutes later, it’s not important. I get that ‘snack’ is just marketing and word play but as a creator it irks me. These are just scattered thoughts though. Regardless I’m toying around with ideas for a side project that might be centered on Tapastic but I still have to see what my editor thinks and says. I might not even be doing it depending on his response, but we’ll see. It won’t get in the way of And Once Again’s production at all though I promise.