Hey there everyone, it’s time to start another new week of And Once Again. Aside from bursting my fitness ball about ten minutes ago, today was a wonderful day the likes of which I practically never see. I didn’t get any drawing done or anything but ah well, it was a break day from the start. It was my girlfriend’s birthday today and she and her friends came down and we all hung out, mostly just me and her cuddling in the background among other things. I didn’t have much but I got her a Sylveon plushie to add to her Eeveelutions collection. Now if I start making more money I can get her that Flareon she’s missing…

One cool thing that happened while we were out was at the local comic book store I struck up conversation with the owner who was very nice I might add, and she’s going to let me hang a large poster in her store of my comic. That should be some really good publicity to have my work as a poster at a major retailer. Naturally I’ll be including the url and a note saying that I’m a local artist, so it should be pretty cool.

Thanks to a few small donations from a few people I’ve been playing around with some settings on my ad campaigns and the last few days have been nice for traffic.

I do have an announcement to make though… I hinted about something on Friday but it’s official, I’ll be working on a second ongoing comic project alongside of And Once Again. I was waiting for my editor’s approval before saying anything concrete. He had a large 5 page document pitch I wrote to go through before I knew if it was a good idea or not and now I can safely say it’s greenlit. This is going to be a 4-Koma webcomic in a much, much simpler art style than And Once Again. The goal is to update it daily/as often as I can. I’m going to be adding lots of production notes to my Patreon once I start making concept art, so I hope if you’re interested you’ll become my Patron sometime. The upcoming series is called Quest to Impress, and as it’s in the early stages it will take some time before I have anything else concrete to tell you. I’m expecting a launch in a month or two.