Hello hello there my friends, welcome to a new week of And Once Again! I’m feeling pretty good today for some reason. I think I’m happy that my comic has been getting really high page views for the last few days, among other things. Seems like we’re starting to swell in popularity and such bit by bit… although it’s mostly because I went and rewarded myself this month with a lot of extra advertising but hey, it’s working well. To anyone new here don’t be afraid to comment! I read every single comment on my comic and even if I don’t respond it’s really only because I don’t have anything¬† to say. I try to respond to every comment where I have something to say to, you know?

Following from yesterday’s blog, I was a bit annoyed last night. I was all ready to start typing and writing some new material for And Once Again last night with the laptop but when I turned it on I found out my mom forgot to tell me the password needed to use the damn thing. She was asleep by that point so I didn’t get anything done… But I promise everyone that writing for my comic will commence tonight no matter what!

I hope you guys like this title page, I drew it two days ago! Pretty last minute like I usually do for the title cards. They don’t take me very long to draw so I usually save them for later just so I can focus better on more pages. Sadly this means that not a whole lot of thought gets to be put into them sometimes and I end up focusing more on style than actual depth, but hey that’s ok sometimes correct?