Hey there everyone, welcome back! Today marks the return of And Once Again in its new update schedule. In case you forgot, for the forseeable future And Once Again is now twice a week on Mon/Fri in order for me to focus more on building my commissions career and making lots of fanart for junk in order to attract new fans. Commissions are going well. I don’t want to reveal numbers but I was VERY close to meeting my financial goal last month. In a couple of months from now maybe I can think about going back to three pages a week but you all will have to manage with this until I get crap more organized. It’s going really well though. If you want to see what I’ve been doing lately you can check my FurAffinity gallery, but there’s a lot of lewd stuff there so be warned. Its a weird mix of Pokemon fanart, furry porn and pinups. Obviously this doesn’t have much overlap with And Once Again but I figured I’d at least link the people who were interested in seeing more of my works as an artist  http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/punishedkom/

Now, as you can see this chapter uses a different art style. At least the first act does. Dunno about act 2 and 3 yet, but act one uses a cell shaded art style meant to be similar to animated films. You know me by now though and we will see if it sticks. I’m currently working on the layouts for act 2 so I won’t be inking and coloring them for another few weeks.

Overall though I just want to say welcome back! Sorry to keep you waiting but I needed this time desperately.