Hey there friends, coming at you a bit later today but still on time for the end of act one. I had a crazy amount of commissions to do, I did double comic work yesterday to spend all day focused on the crap I had to get done. And then on top of what I already had planned two people bought sketches mid-stream. It was a long day, and I’m still not done. Have one more big commission to draw tonight.

Anyways, in case you forgot there’s news. And Once Again is on break next week, and only for next week. I have been getting a lot of pages done thankfully so I don’t need two to work on my comic behind the scenes anymore. Next act marks the end of the cellshaded pages like I said. We’re back to fully painted characters and I can personally vouch for their quality, I think you’re all going to be quite impressed~

I am not sure if I have any volunteers making fanart for me to display next week, but I’ll be asking some friends tonight to see if it’s possible. If not we’ll see if I can still scrounge anything up to post. Hope you all liked this first part of the tale!