Hey, sorry I didn’t update till now everyone. I had a busy day of working on the comic… I did two layouts and I’m happy to say that we’re done with the 4th Tale! And not only that, but I finished editing the script for the 5th Tale Prologue today! So much webcomic stuff to do that I forgot about updating the actual thing! It’s sort of crazy how much work has to be done… but I’m keeping it up on a pretty good pace right now. I’m still upset that I can’t do 3 pages a week updates for some time to come but I guess I’m happy anyone who cares can read like 10+ pages ahead over on my Patreon. Now I just got to attract more people over there.

Commissions work is going pretty decent, but I haven’t been sleeping well and it’s made me want to stream less. I dunno… I got one really big order today but I spent most of it on something dumb. Totally unrelated, buuuut… Fire Emblem Heroes is a lot better than I thought it would be. Not related at all to the $40 I spent at all though, nope. But if it was- at least I pulled a 5 Star Roy from that hypothetical money. Joking aside, I’m done with random purchases for now. Everything else I get this month will go to saving money. I might have another big $60 commission lined up for tomorrow too, so twice in a row! That’d be lovely.