The plot thickens as it always does! Welcome back everyone, time for a new week of And Once Again. Hope you all are enjoying the 4th Tale’s story so far even at the slower update pace. I’m getting a lot of shit done on the comic though, layouts are done for for this whole chapter. The script is done for the 5th Tale Prologue, “Setting Off” (I’ll be posting the script to Patreon later today if you want to read it). I’m about to start the rough drafts for the full 5th and 6th Tales proper and once those get done I’ll start the scripts for them as well! Lot of work to get done, including concept art for new characters. Very busy hehe. Not only that but I have to keep working on my commissions career and get new followers.

Speaking of commissions, I’ve officially added a page here on my website where you can place orders from and see my Terms of Service and Rates! Even better is I also made a page for my discount program, where you can earn over $36 in free commissions in exchange for commenting on this comic. Take a look at the pages listed below if you’d like to see more! Remember, commissions are pretty much the only way I make money since I barely got any Patreon peoples, so if you’d like some art it’d help me a ton!

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