Hey guys, super sorry for forgetting to upload yesterday on time >_>
I know it happens somewhat frequently these days. It’s not a thing of me not having the page done (I’m finishing Page 26 as we speak), it’s me being forgetful as hell. Back when it was 3 days a week of webcomic uploads you will all remember I usually updated the day before at 10-12 at night. I was really excited to grow my comic website during those days but now that it’s secondary to expanding my art commissions empire so that you know, I can live, it tends to slip my mind. Usually what happens is I will sit down to work on the comic at morning on an upload day and by then I’m streaming and I have a ton of work to do after the comic so I just keep working and if I remember it I forget again… but I always remember the next day at least.

Progress is going really good on the comic though! I finished the script for the 5th Tale Prologue as you remember, and now I have the fully written outline for the 5th Tale stamped and approved by the editor! Normally I’d write the script for it now, but the 6th Tale Prologue and actual 6th Tale of my webcomic are very connected, so I’ll be waiting till there are outlines for all three of them to start scripting. Writing is very fun and relaxing for me, and I just keep getting better at it. I’m very excited for the future of this comic. If you don’t like waiting till the next page you can always read pages as I make them by going to my Patreon and supporting me there! You know how it is.