Finally Kusaru-hime makes her debut! I’m pretty excited for this page getting released, as this is one of the principle characters of the story. I mean I’m sure you’ve all been wanting to see what was under the hood, right? Well we’ve finally gotten there! My webcomic makes another large stride forward.

Man though this week has been annoying as crap. I finally got a lot more orders for commissions flooding in seemingly at once, which is great but shit kept happening to delay me working on them. First my keyboard short circuited after an accidental water spill and I can’t draw at all without my keyboard shortcuts. Then the next day I got a replacement but I had forgotten my pills making it nigh impossible to focus, I simply gave in and played some games and binge watched Stranger Things. I was in a very rare mood of wanting to drink though, I very, very rarely feel like drinking but I  had a few fruity drinks and just layed there for hours watching. I wasn’t really drunk but I had a pleasant buzz, I guess. I’ve never really been drunk drunk in my whole life since being raised around an alcoholic makes me not really into the stronger shit. But that’s enough ranting

One sort of good-bad thing is that my trip to visit my girlfriend’s mom for her birthday got cancelled because of a blizzard. Bad because I did want to go there and seem like a good boyfriend and all that, good because my commissions queue is crazy right now and I really need to be working on it. I am going to be taking a break next weekend because of Switch/Zelda release weekend. Me and Angela are just going to play all weekend because damnit I’ve earned this one.