Hey guys, I told you you get three pages this week so here’s the one for Wednesday. Hope you’re all enjoying this chapter so far! We’re almost done with it, infact I finished the last webcomic page yesterday. Was pretty fun working on the landscape painting you’ll see in it, but my editor has brought up a pretty good problem I have with drawing nature at the moment and I need to improve on it pretty soon. I will probably work on this soon this week, I’ve finished comic work after all and this would be a good chance to polish up a few skills that I have neglected. Well, not necessarily neglected but drawing skills that I have to work on some more to reach a higher skill level and truly make my art amazing. I’ll post these studies on Twitter eventually whenever I do them, but with all my scheduled posts it’ll take me a while for them to show up on my feed hehe.

Gonna try to get a laptop charger today so I can finally get back to writing And Once Again rough drafts. I had my charger ripped away from me by my mom for some stupid reason and it left me without a way to work on my scripting when I was on a huge roll, too… So annoying! I’ll get started again with my comic writing as soon as I get it. But most of my week is going to be spent on my commissions. My queue is a bit weighty at the moment due to my mini vacation I took last weekend, but it’s not a horrible queue. I’ll just be working through drawing them this week since I don’t have to do anymore webcomic creating. I will start work on the rough draft pages for the 5th Tale prologue next week, but just so you guys know we will have a break week as soon as the 2nd Act of this Tale is done and then as per norm another week break when this chapter is over. Just time to let me work on upcoming pages and not worry too badly about a buffer, you know the drill!