Ok guys, here’s the promised third page for this week! I made super sure to have them all up on time since I was all over the place last week… wanted to show you guys I was serious about it hehe. But I hope you all enjoy this new page for the webcomic! I double checked this morning and counting the week-long upload breaks I will take when the 2nd and 3rd acts are over, I have 7 weeks of buffered pages for everyone. This leaves me plenty of wiggle-room at the moment, so I’m taking this next week to do tons of landscape study paintings. What’s so special about that? Well, I got my editor’s permission to use The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild screenshots I’m taking and posting on my twitter as the basis of the study. So I get to have fun for the next week or so as I work on landscape studies featuring my latest obsession. I tend to work a lot harder when I focus on something that I’m passionate about, so this works out for everyone. My editor already wanted me to work on my drawing landscape skills and I agreed that it was probably about time to work on that art skill set but then the idea sort of came to me to do it like that heh.

Another thing came from it though, and a friend of mine suggested that I turn the already completed studies into YCH auctions… I was like, huh. Yeah that’d be smart. So here’s the auction. Hopefully it sells and gets me some nice money, I’m only slowly recovering from my awful month of February where I wasn’t able to save any money at all or advertise my webcomic here… I love it when And Once Again gets traffic, so this was minor hit to morale. But my editor helped me put things into perspective and I recovered pretty well with my Zelda vacation, and this week has just been minor comic work and commissions. I’m trying really hard to boost my Commissions career this month, and am having a sale of some old YCHs that never got sold. It’s going pretty good. I might take a small hit since I’m not selling them at full price, but at least it makes new examples for me to lure new customers and followers with.

Besides that, I’m still working on comic work. But not much until next week is over. The main thing is I bought that laptop charger I needed (at an upsetting price >_>) so I will get back to writing the comic this and next week. I want to have a good amount of stuff to work with so I can finally start scripting the next comic chapters soon. Will talk more about the progress and plans next week but for now I got to start streaming!