So sorry the webcomic page is late again, I got a little bit sick on top of my crappy week I was already having… Ugh. It’s a sore throat so I’m saving myself some trouble and not doing any of my art commission streams since I would have to do a lot of talking. This means I’m doing a tiny amount of work this weekend so that I don’t end up getting sicker. Really though it’s not full blown sick but that kind of sick where you know it’ll turn into real sick if you don’t take it easy. I’m pretty upset about this though, since I took off this week from working on And Once Again. I was planning to do landscape studies all this week while working on my commissions at night but between sick, sleep shenanigans via daylight savings time and a day I took off to hang out with my friend I got very little accomplished this work in terms of my drawing.

Not that it’s a terrible thing to just accept a bad week and relax, but I dislike when things don’t go according to all those plans. I spent a lot of time reading manga this week when I couldn’t sleep, I got current on My Hero Academia, me and the girlfriend are now watching the anime since I figured I’d get her into it, and she adores it thus far. Been a while since I saw her get into something on this level. I’m planning to have her start the manga after we finish the last 3 eps since she’s super into it. Let’s see… Ah, I also started and got current on The Promised Neverland… and lost sleep over it since it was so good I ended up reading the entire thing in one sitting. Very few manga series make me like that. It’s one of the best non-battle manga Shounen Jump has produced in a long time (haven’t read Black Clover yet, I need to though). It’s an astonishing psychological/sci-fi thriller and it’s best if you go in blind. Just read the first chapter and soak what happens in instead of googling it and ruining the surprise. I’ll just say that it sets up its premise incredibly well. I’m a bit terrified of The Promised Neverland turning into the next Death Note but, if it does… at least The Promised Neverland is actually a masterpiece instead of an easily accessably piece of pulp thriller with bad writing and good art. There’s a bunch of other crap I plan on reading, but tonight we’re finishing the My Hero Academia anime and we’re going to watch the first Berserk Golden Age film. It’ll be terribly gimped compared to the manga, but I have been wanting to get her into it for ages now since Berserk means a whole lot to me.

Oh, I DID get some writing done for And Once Again in the last week by the way. Actually in the last day, hehe. I finished writing the rough draft for the 6th Tale prologue. I told him it’s not a priority but as soon as the editor approves/requests revisions of this draft I can get started with my writing of the actual 6th Tale’s rough draft. It’ll be pretty fun to write this stuff I think. When that rough draft gets done I will finally write the scripts to all three chapters in rapid succession!

I might do a little bit more drawing today, but I’m actually about to do something with the girlfriend. Thing is, when I was growing up I bought manga whenever I had money. I have like over 400 volumes of various series laying around and… well the truth is I don’t read them, and I like reading my manga digitally and maintaining them that way for research purposes and easier accessability. Soooo on my own volition (she isn’t pushing me to get rid of anything, I just want to get rid of the bookshelf so we have more space in my tiny ass room) we’ll be boxing up all the series that I don’t intend to keep and taking them to a local place that buys used books. I am not expecting to get very much money from this, but it might be a nice surprise. Only a handful of series are getting kept, One Piece, my Jojonium volumes, FMA, Welcome to the NHK, and not a whole lot else.

I should get into ramblings like this more often for my blogs, hopefully you guys don’t mind the nonsensical shit I have to say about my life. It does help my website’s Google Search results to have more text though, hehe.

ALMOST FORGOT. And Once Again is on break next week. I’ll be starting to draw the 5th Tale Prologue, but page 25 here is the last of act 2. Act 3 will start the week after next monday.