Hey there everyone, happy Monday! I remembered the page on time today. Didn’t want to make that a recurring thing. Sorry. I was way better at remembering when it was routinely M/W/F but the new schedule seems to effect my memory a tad. You’ll still get your pages don’t worry. As far as comic production goes I’m doing ok right now. I only have like 5-6 more pages till I’m done with the layouts for act two. I can’t promise I’ll get them done this week since TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY and all, plus I work Wednesday and then Christmas is this weekend… but I’m close to being able to start ink/coloring the pages. You won’t be left hanging. We might have a week break between act one and two though just so I get a bit more time to work on the comic.

Commissions wise, it’s going pretty well. This has been a nice month. I’m just telling you readers this but I’ve opened a second Patreon account after a couple of my furry friends gave me the advice to do so. Putting it simply, I may have a lot of furry fans but not ALL of them read my comic. Most of them do, but for the ones that wanna support me and don’t then the rewards on my AOA Patreon won’t interest them. I thought of it that way and it makes sense. So after researching and finding multiple artists who have a Patreon for their business project and one for their personal art, I figured it made sense. So I made another one. This one gets you chances to win free art from me, and no rewards are related to And Once Again. To be fair I haven’t updated the AOA Patreon in a while, either… I should do that soon… It’s just me being lazy since I don’t really have much people over there anyway. Ugh. I’m sorry. I’ll spend some time doing it soon I swear to god and then I’ll force myself to ALWAYS do it.

Anyways, here’s my new non-AOA Patreon just if you wanna see it. Warning, lots of NSFW stuff. https://www.patreon.com/PunishedKom