Hey there friends, it’s me your humble author Clayton reporting in from vacation. I felt like updating the site a bit early today juuuust cause. Now I won’t have to do it tonight. If you didn’t see on Twitter I am staying an extra day on vacation just cause I’m having a lot of fun here and I’ve never really had a genuine break like this before. I haven’t drawn but I probably should do something small my editor wanted of me… But I’m kind of lazy. I forgot all of my medicine before the trip. It’s not ESSENTIAL but it kills my motivation to be productive and makes me just want to lay around with my girlfriend and play games like we have been doing.

Normal life will resume Tuesday for me most likely. I’m driving back tomorrow with her and we will spend a few more hours together but by that time I probably won’t feel like drawing that late. I still have to draw the title card for this prologue. I’ll draw that on Tuesday, I promise guys. I will probably be coming back stronger than ever.