Sorry I didn’t have anything to post yesterday guys, most of my artist friends that I was going to ask for fanart from were busy… I might have more later in the week. Waiting on a few friends. But then my friend Beth surprised me with this little picture of Borei today! I wasn’t expecting that. It was very nice of her, and I like this piece a lot. I think the way she drew Borei’s eyes is really pretty. I’m happy about this because Beth and I got into a little one-sided spat on my stream the other day, they had been rather… repetitive about a certain topic(Nintendo of all things) in my streams and every day it was starting to annoy me. But after understanding what I told them when I got mad they said they needed some time away from the stream to sort things out. And then today she sent me this unnannounced. If you’re reading this Beth thank you so much, and I hope you’re feeling better~

In other news, things are going extremeley well for me. It seems like I’ll be able to move out by summer, quit my part time job in the next week or two and take my art full time. Because of how much I’ve been sorting this crap out though I haven’t been able to get much work done this week… I’ll get there though. Oh, plus I have to have a wart removed tomorrow at the doctor’s and I likely won’t be able to walk on that foot for a few days after. Not looking forward to that. I won’t be able to walk my dog… damn.

Commissions are going very well, in fact I made a good enough chunk of money this month and it’s made me take a risk and try out a huge promotional event to get new followers over on FurAffinity. You can take part in this as well and earn a free commission/discount from me as well! Read this journal first, and instead of following me on there if you are interested you can email me at telling me you intend to take place in the event!

Anyways, the future is looking brighter than it’s ever been before. Thanks for being with me till this point and I can’t wait for everything that comes next!