This strip is another two-parter. We will officially be done with The Path after the next strip, so after 1-2 updates of guest art we will start posting the 3rd Tale! We will see on Monday whether it will just be a day or so. I have to see where I am by then (currently page 14/23 are done) and if I could really use the extra day of bought time. I also have to go scrounging for some of the old fanart I’ve gotten since I don’t get fanart ever basically besides a poem this one lovely person sent me sometime ago. I guess I need to keep expanding before I start attracting more fanart.

I’m currently doing a mix of good and mind shatteringly headache bad. My home life is devolving into white trailer trash hell and I just sit in my room all day with the dogs, not wanting to be involved. The person causing this is supposedly leaving for good tonight but I have heard this before. I don’t want things to be incredibly bleak here but it’s very distressing living here and trying to succeed with And Once Again as hard as I can. I try very hard to never use this site as a soapbox but I still have to say some things when they get to a certain point of me hardly being able to cope.

But my life is also doing really good, so I don’t want you to think I’m crying myself to sleep or anything. I haven’t said anything about it but for the past month I met someone and it very quickly turned into a relationship more caring and trusting than I’ve known was possible. I wasn’t hiding it, I just didn’t want to go on about it quite yet. Sadly she lives a few short hours away, so it’s still not fully taking away the stress, but still. Even if things don’t turn out well in the near future for me, we eventually want to get a cheap two bedroom appartment in the next year, one for us, and one to turn into my own studio, together. It’s nice to have hope for just about the first time in my adult life. If I was just away from this hellhole and had my own space I could focus wholly on my creative endeavors… But currently things are just a headache.

To leave things on a happy note, here is rare photographic evidence of me leaving my room:

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