One last piece for Fanart week! This one is by a friend of mine over on FurAffinity by the name of Watuki. She’s a fun person who shows up in as many of my streams as she can with her boyfriend, and they get commissions from me pretty frequently which I greatly appreciate! I haven’t had time to fully go through my comment section yet, but after finally getting her to go through it she got so addicted to And Once Again that she stayed up to 5 AM the other day to read it and leave tons of comments. I’m going to be replying to them later today hopefully if I can make the time! But yeah I really appreciate that and the fact that you went out of your way to draw something for me even if you can’t draw humans very well like you said! First fanart of the Kitsune, too. Besides the sketch my editor did. But the Kitsune has proven to be about as popular as I anticipated… I have plans for him in the story later, so there will be excuse to justify his popularity by then!

I have been doing good this weekend, getting a bit of stuff done here and there but working on the comic at a slightly lax pace since I’m a tad ahead. Going to get more serious tomorrow though! More good news, my mom sold me a laptop she had fixed and isn’t using. So now I’ll finally be able to comfortably start writing again. My desktop doesn’t let me write the way I like to- I hate to sound picky or even pretentious but… the way I write involves me pacing around thinking about a topic and brainstorming things out into a rough draft as I sit down in little intervals. I like to be mobile when I’m thinking, all of my best ideas come from pacing sessions. So a laptop really helps me with this, and it’s why I haven’t really felt like writing in a few months besides my big focus on commissions. Fortunately I can slow down some of that stuff now and I’ll spend more time writing the story of And Once Again! I’m really excited to be able to start working on the scripts, the rough drafts and the world building again. It’s been too long. I’ll be starting on it tonight~

See you tomorrow for the 2nd Act’s title screen!