My editor was a bit busy so I didn’t get this piece from him until today. I was wanting to show it off asap, but I forgot to save it when he sent me it a few weeks ago… And he accidentally deleted the final version so all we have is this super impressive WIP painting he did. It still looks wonderful and is probably the coolest piece he’s done for And Once Again yet! He was originally messing around with painting techniques so he could better his skill and then consequentially teach me afterwards. This was an experiment at painting fur and hair specifically and I’d say the Editor did an awesome job.

I’m finally going to get some work done, the last few days have been a mix of lazy and turbulent with so much stuff happening. Dealing with it sapped my focus, and I ended up only drawing a page so far this week… Going to try to get two or three more done, which should be easy since one of them is a title page and I just need to come up with a cool theme for act two’s cover. Should be easy!

We’ll see if I get another fanart, otherwise the next page will be on Monday!