Time for a new page of And Once Again, everybody. I’ve been waiting to upload this one for ages now, but I ended up giving it a fresh touch up earlier today before having to put it on the site. Nothing too drastic I just wanted to fix a few small parts of the painting that bothered me. This was a very ambitious page in a very ambitious chapter. As I’ve said before this chapter takes place in Yomi but I’m not going to be giving any details about whats happening here in the midst of keeping things vague.

I went back to drawing today and ended up mostly doing some studies and some small work on the next page. It’s a bit hard to jump in with the same ferocity I had with last week and I’m going to have to flounder about before getting back into things 100%. It won’t be that big of a deal though. I just hadn’t drawn in 4 days soooo I just had to get used to things again.