Well my recent art block is over and my emotions seem to have recovered, only I still didn’t really do anything today barely. I mean, I did marketing but as for drawing I kinda just did half of the next page asnd not much else. I still need to write my blog about Spirit Circles, too but agh. I was mainly just wanting to improve my audience today more than anything else. Nothing too wrong with that. I hope everyone is enjoying this little mini chapter, only 3 more pages of it left! What’s after that? A week-long break. Potentially even two weeks. I don’t want it to come to that, but at the end of the day I’m doing this for free and I have to keep ahead of the updates significantly and the last few weeks have been trying to say the least. Between my vacation and that bad depression and some REALLY bad home life shit I just haven’t been able to work at full force. It sucks but that’s what my life is. I have to keep working on marketing so I can increase my webcomic’s audience and I have to keep drawing to have more stuff to market. It’s funny. Ah well.