Ok guys a new week of And Once Again starts now! And it’s the last week of the Fond Farewells prologue. Then we can get into the first official part of the 4th Tale, The Village… after a week or so of break. I have two more pages to get done before I’m finished with the Village, but I’m not at full production power. I think between all the marketing and stuff I have to do drawing the actual pages has been putting me on the backburner. I have fun and all but it just makes me want to work slower so I can focus on gaining more readers. My plan is to have a week between this and The Village of fanart updates and then time to put more webcomics on the site. I wish I could just go straight to it but I’m working slightly slower and I need you to appreciate what I can do while I’m doing this for free. Once I have my own place with no distractions and I don’t have to worry about stupid shit like the family drama that happened on Saturday, then maybe I can get things done at a faster pace. Potentially some good stuff might happen soon but I have to wait before I can say anything about it.