Well I am finally 100% home from vacation and this is the first thing I’ve drawn since coming back home! How did it go? Really good honestly, I stayed at my girlfriend’s place about 3 hours away for 4 days. A whole day longer than I planned on. I wanted to come back Sunday at first so I could get back to work on drawing buuuuut I ended up just wanting to stay with her longer. Things went very well between us and leaving was hard for both of us. But that’s enough about my personal life, onto matters of the webcomic.

And Once Again is now fully entering the prologue to the 4th Tale with this. It’s 8 comic pages long and will go by pretty fastly I think. You’re in for some radically different stuff this chapter. We’ve mainly focused on the beauty of the Mortal Realm of O-no-okoku, but with Fond Farewells we’re going to take a trip back to the Realm of Stillness, Yomi. It’s going to look a lot better than it did way back in the 1st Tale, mainly because I’m a better artist plus we’re exploring different regions of it. Compared to pretty landscapes, this chapter is full of vesry surreal and trippy visuals of a more mystical nature. It was very hard to paint but I think I pulled it off nicely. Meanwhile I’m focused on building my audience stronger than it’s ever been. Traffic has been pretty decent the last few days, but I have to out do myself and bring in way, way more people to the website. Remember to do your part as my fan if you could, if you’d share my content with all of your friends I’d be extremely grateful!