Posting this a tad earlier than normal since I’ve got a giant blog to write,

This piece is from an old fan I got just around the time AOA first started being posted. She disappeared sometime ago and I haven’t heard from her since, so heads up VoN if you’re still alive you’re pretty chill! Aside from the ones by my editor this was the first really detailed fanart I got, but more importantly it was the first one from a stranger who I’ve never talked to before. I’ve only gotten one more of those since then, but I dream of the day where my inbox gets flooded with nonstop fanart from my fandom.

Listen up though guys because I have some serious stuff to talk about. Nothing bad, but I’m going to start the 3rd Tale on Monday and use Friday for one more guest art. I’m sorry for this decision but after I put things in perspective I figured I could use the extra day. I am very close to finishing the 3rd Tale and I have a GIGANTIC amount of work to do to get me ready for the 4th Tale (besides actually scripting it from the rough drafts, which I’ve yet to do but won’t take tremendously long).

So far right now I have on my plate:

  • Studying Japanese Architecture and doing painting studies/concept art of this from sources like Princess Mononoke
  • Studying Japanese clothing, weapons, armor and such from Ukiyo-e paintings
  • Studying armor from Samurai movies such as Seven Samurai at my editor’s behest
  • Improving my feet, torso and hip anatomy at my editor’s behest
  • Working on the designs of two main characters and gathering reference and inspiration for them
  • Lastly, Dragon Ball studies. The lowest priority but also sadly what gets me the most traffic on social media…

Ugh, so much to do. All of it is really fun but geez, I need my own studio to better deal with the giant stuff I have to learn and improve on. Not to mention I’ve really been wanting to read more reference books on Japanese mythology that a friend procured for me, but I’ve not had the time…

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Also, if you wanna see some speed drawing videos of me working, go follow my Youtube channel! I’m going to be uploading lots of vidoes that I titled Watch Me Draw! Where I post sped up vids of, well, whatever I draw. Check out my first one: