Hey guys, if you’ve forgotten all week this week we will be featuring 3 more guest drawings by the mysterious editor. They’re still pretty good, but he wants to apologize if they aren’t as good as the last ones he made. He’s been very busy lately and he didn’t have much time to make these, but still managed to get some out thankfully. I need this week in between this and the 4th Tale’s prologue to give me some time to replenish my buffer cause boy let me tell you, the crazy amount of stuff I got to do to paint in the 4th Tale is crazy. It’s all gonna be worth it though.

He asked me for ideas and I wanted to see Borei laying around reading the scroll while petting the Kitsune like it was his pet. I have some slight ideas on using the Kitsune in the story for the future, but I’m not promising anything yet.

I’m going to be gone Thursday-Sunday for a trip to my girlfriend’s place 3 hours away, so I won’t be getting any comic work done this weekend. I’ve got to put a lot into the next two days. I will still have my iPad while I’m there, so I’ll probably work on some social media marketing stuff. I’ll set up Friday’s post ahead of time so it still gets posted though don’t worry.