I got to thinking that I don’t really need to limit myself to 3 fanarts on a week like this, right? I got over 3 this week that I wanted to display, so… here’s one of them and I’ll post a few more before And Once Again resumes!

This cute picture of Borei was drawn by my friend Kikirini, the author of a webcomic called Kuro Shouri. Since And Once Again is on break this week after all, maybe you should give her and her work a look hm? She’s always really cool to me so I’d appreciate it if you did! She’s really impressive, she’s been working on her series since 2003. Hot damn. Funnily enough an ad for her webcomic was on my site for a while this week heh.

As far as for me today, I did a TON of drawing. Seriously. 7+ hours on Twitch today. It was crazyyyy