This time another piece of fanart from a new friend on FurAffinity! Go check out EchoChip’s stuff! This one was a bit surprise to me since the night before she had commissioned me to draw her character and then suddenly she gave me this the next day heh, it was very nice of her. I like this piece, it’s odd seeing Gekido in a cuter style so  it was rather unique to me. Thank you again my friend! This fanart week will end on Friday with a piece by one of my webcomic friends on Twitter (I didn’t forget about you! I just didn’t want to post 2 of Borei in a row).

I want to take this time to advertise my Twitch account. I’m back to drawing on it typically every day- but wait there’s more. My girlfriend Angela is co-hosting these streams with me and everyone’s saying they’re very fun with both of us together so if you’d like to come watch me work on drawings and have some conversation with us and my other fans then we’d love to have you. Having her around in streams motivates me to do way more. We streamed for a total of 6 and a half hours today, it was crazy. I usually only draw 3-4 hours at BEST.  So yeah, please check out my Twitch account!

And Once Again resumes next Monday as we kick of The Village.