Hey guys, here’s another piece of guest art for you! Once again, my editor stepped in with an awesome rendition of Gekido. I asked him to look somewhat vulnerable as if he was remembering his past on the battlefields. He may not have had a lot of time to work on this piece, but I still feel it’s very strong and the fast, sketchiness of the line work gives it a whole lot of life. Plus, I really love the face and expression here. I just love seeing other people draw my characters.

I’ll be leaving for my trip on Thursday, so I’ve worked hard to get some pages done ahead of time. Things are going decently enough with my production. I have been putting in some major focus on expanding my audience and reaching new friends on Twitter specifically. In the 3 days of actually trying to get new followers I’ve managed to pull in almost 50 new ones. It’s amazing what I can accomplish when I put my mind to it. Plus it’s been nice talking to people and commenting on other people’s artworks. If you’re one of my newer friends from Twitter reading this, thanks for being on the site! It helps me a lot and I’m glad everyone is supporting me so much.

And Once Again will resume next Monday with the start of a new mini arc.