This piece is from a recurring fan on this site whose comments you can find going back all the way to the earliest pages of And Once Again. Nighteye has been a friend of mine starting from about a month before And Once Again even started when I was drumming up attention on social media for myself. She made this for my birthday last year so as thanks for supporting me from so early on I wanted to feature this as a guest art. Thanks a lot for all the comments and help you’ve given And Once Again from the start.

Moving on to progress report, I am not feeling good today. But it’s fine. I still got a ton of stuff done it’s just some personal crap I have to deal with. As far as production goes, 3rd Tale will go live next Monday like I promised. I’m almost fully done drawing it but my editor moved me back to only making 3 pages a week so I can work on all the myriad of things I need to work on.