Hey everyone, just cause we are on a week break before the 3rd Tale starts doesn’t mean you all don’t get some new content on the site! I was hoping to get some new fanwork to display but instead my editor kindly stepped in and created three stunning pieces of work for me to put up. This one is the weakest of the three in my eyes, you’ll understand when you see the other two. Doesn’t mean it’s still not great though obviously. He did this without pencils and just went straight into ink. It’s a technique I myself am trying to get down so as to save much more time on my sketching stage. He has years more fundamental experience than I do of course so it comes more naturally. Over the next two updates you will see I’m definitely in very capable hands.

He was originally planning to write some blog entries for the site in my stead about how I designed the characters and the editorial choices he made in guiding me to their final designs but he backed out shortly after I said that’d be cool, stating that it was way harder than he thought and he had no idea how I handle the blog part of the website. I thought it was a little funny but I get where he’s coming from, I guess I’m just in the habit of ranting about my life on a tri-weekly schedule at this point but it still can be a bit hard. I mainly try and keep you all updated on stuff I’m doing, my work progress currently since I’m crowdfunded and I want to be transparent about where I’m at. Perhaps one day you’ll get to hear an actual formal word from him but until then he will continue to be the mysterious editor behind And Once Again who gives me sagely advice from behind the scenes.