Hey there people, this concludes another week of guest art here at And Once Again. Let’s once more thank the editor for taking time from his busy schedule to knock out a few pieces of filler material for me to use while I created more pages. He bought me some valuable time and thus the 4th Tale’s saga will start next week with a short prologue. I won’t lie though, this was probably the weakest of his three sketches. But he barely had any time to work with so it’s still pretty good with that in mind, plus I didn’t really give him much to work with. All I said was Sachiko in thought/being moody and this was what he came up with. I still like the way he draws her though.

I’m currently at my girlfriend’s house for the next few days away from all of my expensive drawing equipment and such, so I’m on a small break. It’s ok though. I shall return Sunday.