Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a good week so far. I’m a bit iffy myself as I’m struggling with recovering from burnout it seems and I’m not putting a whole lot of art work in this last couple of days. I’m still finishing a page a day though! Don’t worry about that, I’m just talking about when it comes to training and studies I don’t have much morale the last few days. I dunno what it will take but I’m getting there? As long as I keep building the buffer I can worry about that later I guess. It just depresses me that I am not living up to my potential every day it feels. I just know I could devote way more time and energy to my work if I was off on my own and didn’t have an annoying home life but every day I feel like I’m running on %40 Passion levels when I know I could be putting in %200. Sorry for the rambling but since this is also my blog I figured I’m allowed a journal like this every once in a while. I want to stress that this does NOT effect AOA. I’m still meeting my quota and then some.

Besides all of that, I’m just playing the waiting game now.