Silence for the past
Ushering new tomorrows

We won’t be the same

Hey guys, silly me. In my neglicence of being tired last update I forgot to mention what ‘The Path’ even is. It’s just the formal name for the in-between strips that you’ll get now between the 2nd and 3rd Tales. There are some fun stories coming up in this segment that I hope you’re all looking forward to, I’ve been waiting a while to get to share these with you.

I’m hard at work finally getting to make the pages for the 3rd Tale and working on improving my buffer. Feels great to finally get back to this kind of work… Hopefully And Once Again will continue to grow stronger and stronger still and we get lots of new readers in this upcoming arc because narratively it’s very strong. I might have to talk to some of my sponsors and get them to donate a bit more in a month or so because it’s about time for new advertising stuff I think by then. Once we’re a bit into the 3rd Tale I mean. I really got to keep working on this as my career and I can use any support I can get. Hopefully though we’ll be getting some good news. I’m not specifically religious, but if you are then ask your Patron Deity to do me a favor. I’ve been told by my editor though that Volcano Gods are likely not going to give me any support, so don’t bother asking them.

Just a reminder that if you like my smooth, dulcet voice then I’m still doing a lot of YouTube shenanigans lately and could use the support over there as well. Just today I made two videos of me rambling about Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the 2011 Anime of Hunter x Hunter. I’m also working on new reviews as well. My channel.