So sorry I didn’t update till now! Today is the last day of my girlfriend’s visit and we wanted to spend all day together obviously, and she’ll be on her way home real soon. But she won’t be gone long this time hopefully as we might have a way for her to live in my town if everything goes right. I bought One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 while we were out yesterday and we ended up spending like all day playing it just having fun. It’s a pretty damn good game as long as you’re fine with Warriors games. I’m still really excited for Berserk Warriors coming out in February, it looks soooo good damnit. Unlike the Berserk 2016 anime.

I have to say that I’m uploading the cover and the title card as 2 separate updates. I’m slightly behind schedule and I need this as I juggle my comic work with other stuff. It won’t affect And Once Again very much, I just need to get into the swing of things.