Will post the scroll entry for this later on in the night so we can spread the content out a little bit!

Anyways, welcome to another week of And Once Again. This should be a pretty fun one for all of you guys as it will feature some nice scenery and fun little moments I think. I’m glad to be able to finally give everyone this arc! The art is going to look pretty different in the next chapter though, I’m switching to cell shading for all of the characters. The backgrounds are going to be rendered the same but the characters will look more like an anime. It will be a change for the better, I assure you. I’ve been doing all of my commissions in this style of coloring to get used to it and I’ve heard very positive remarks about the change in my style. I’m still figuring stuff out though. It’s a trial and error process with what works and what doesn’t work when I’m drawing in this style.

I’m currently working on drawing at least a page a day of And Once Again live on my Twitch if you guys want to start joining me. It’s been really fun having everyone join me there as I work, and you get to see previews of And Once Again basically as it’s being made in front of your eyes. I typically do two long streams a day, one in the morning with my webcomic work and one later on in the day where I start on my commissions for the day. I’m currently just doing a ton of furry commissions in all honesty, it’s been fun. That whole community is very accepting and fun to talk to, and very supportive as a whole. I’m currently trying to build up my audience so I can eventually raise the prices on my work and increase the amount of active watchers I have… I need to carve a niche for myself so I can start earning and selling more pieces. I’m currently focused on Your Character Heres but I am tired of drawing them in blank voids. I might try to sell them with backgrounds soon.

Part of me is a bit upset because I don’t have as much time to work on some of the other stuff with my webcomic. I have a lot of unwritten lore that’s still in my head and overall just a ton of things I should be writing but like… right now my time would be better used marketing on FurAffinity. Because right now And Once Again doesn’t make money- Furry Commissions do. But Furry stuff leads to more people reading And Once Again too. I dunno, it’s complicated.